Body battles

    Theatrical dance performance, Arkadas Theater, Cologne 2007

    Criticising the consumer industry is out, or at the most only for old left-wingers or oldfashioned "Attac" protestors. It has just also recently been claimed that any form of protest encourages capitalism. A new idol is therefore appearing which is also capable of bringing peace to the world: Whoever says yes to consumption is against aggression and will not go to war, say these advocates. Society has lost its designs for the future so that we seem to be living in "the best of all worlds". However, idealistic thinking has been transferred to the body. The upsurge of genetics shows that the body has become a product that can be designed and has succumbed to market mechanisms. In advertising, television and film the body is presented as the incarnation of perfection, success and sexiness - thereby awakening the feeling of permanent insufficiency. Capitalism and depression originally go hand in hand. The body has become a scene of battle. We make it conform to the market by arming it with medicaments and medical appliances or in a more harmless way with cosmetics, sport or drastic slimming cures which suit the market.

    Designed bodies also demand designed sexuality. With Viagra and libido boosters sexuality is trimmed to the short-term experience. Sexual needs can be met and immediately satisfied in line with the market. Especially the form of pornographic escapism, with ideal bodies and imaginary sexuality, the permanent lust for new narcissism and frustration is fuelled. As the philosopher Gu?nther Anders many years ago pointed out in his book "Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen": Mankind is running out of needs.

    The artistic exchange with blind performers which began with the production of "Peccatum Mundi" is followed up in "Körperkriege" in order to achieve stronger body language and friction in the play. The blind dancers experience a different perception of their bodies by way of the new body techniques introduced by Gregor Weber and also in the interaction with the outside world.